3ABN believes in Christian education, and that is why we have initiated the “Triple Your Donation Value” Adventist Education project. Our goal is to raise $3,000,000 for Adventist schools.

We are excited to announce that through the support of our viewers, we are well on our way! The spring-semester kickoff raised over $400,000 within three months for the 200 individual schools and four NAD conferences who participated.


On behalf of the Meadow View Jr. Academy (MVJA), I want to thank you very much for giving our students the opportunity to participate in the recent CD/DVD fundraising event. The students were able to raise over $1,500.00…. This event has been such a wonderful lesson for the students as they were directly involved in the ministry as co-workers of the Lord by sharing the Gospel through the sale of the music…. Also, the students have expressed their interest and are already looking forward to future 3ABN fundraising events in which they can participate. Again…thank you for all your support with our fundraising efforts. Our success would not have been possible without your generous support.

Gregory Harcum, MVJDA – HAS , Chesterfield, NJ

“The joy and delight that resulted from the unexpected, generous donation of hundreds of 3ABN’s Hallelujah, We’re Home At Last! CDs and DVDs revived the spirits of educators and school boards alike. We were grateful to benefit from 3ABN’s generous offer of financial support for Illinois Adventist Education. The 100% proceeds from the sale of these music items provided a boost in tuition subsidy as well as funds to secure needed instructional resources.”

— Ruth Horton, EdD., Associate Director of Education, Lake Union Conference (former Superintendent of Education, Illinois Conference)

“This multiplied the value of our school’s fundraising efforts. In the past, we had raised only $250 selling candy bars. However, by selling 100 items received from 3ABN, we raised $1,500 which we used to finance our annual trip to a high-school music festival. We look forward to using It’s a Beautiful World for our fundraising this year.”

—Evelyn Hainey, Principal, Thompsonville Christian Academy

All North American Division Adventist schools are invited to participate at no cost. You make no investment for the fundraising items, and 100% of the proceeds stay with your school. All participation in this program is made possible by general or designated fund availability.

All church groups can take advantage of a special fundraising package.