When our viewers partner with 3ABN, God brings amazing results! Through your support, the “Triple Your Donation Value” Adventist Education school fundraiser (launched Spring Semester 2015) raised over $400,000 for Adventist Education in just three months for over 200 individual schools and four NAD conferences who participated.

Here’s an example of how it worked:

  • A viewer, like you, donated $150 toward this project.
  • 3ABN doubled that donation amount, sending 20 CDs or DVDs (valued at $300) to an Adventist school.
  • The registered school made no investment in this no-risk opportunity.
  • The school sold these fundraiser items and kept 100% of the $300 proceeds.
  • 3ABN benefited $150, the schools benefited $300, and the end result was the donation value tripled to $450.
  • Students became actively involved in ministry as they shared this inspirational music.

School Registration

Encourage your local Adventist school to call 3ABN and register to receive three CDs/DVDs per student, at no cost:

  • Any NAD Adventist school may participate at no cost to them.
  • All participation in this program is made possible by general or designated fund availability, as provided by 3ABN donors.
  • Only a school administrator may perform registration.
  • The registration process may take several weeks, depending on how responsive the school is able to be.

General Account Donations

All donations which are not designated for a specific registered school are deposited into the General Account for this project. Any school receiving items donated under the General Account has 90 days to conduct their fundraising. At the end of 90 days, they agree to return unsold items to 3ABN, to ensure availability of featured items for other schools and their fundraising campaigns.

Designated Fund Donations

3ABN accepts donations designated for specific schools, from an individual or multiple sponsors. There is no change in the school’s participation process, except for the benefit of owning the items outright and having no time constraints on their fundraising campaign.

How to Give

If the Lord impresses you to give an extra gift to 3ABN in support of school fundraising, your tax-deductible gift may be donated by:

  • Online: Debit/Credit Card or PayPal
  • Mail: 3ABN, P. O. Box 220, West Frankfort, IL 62896
  • (please designate your gift as “School Fundraising”)
  • Phone: (618) 627-4651, press "2" for the Call Center

Our goal is to raise $3,000,000 for Adventist education. By God’s grace, and with your help, we are well on the way. Your support is making a difference in the lives of Adventist school children, and we all give you heartfelt thanks.