All NAD Adventist schools are invited to participate, at no cost, in the “Triple Your Donation Value” Adventist Education school fundraiser. Unlike traditional methods, your school will benefit in these ways:

  • This is a no-risk opportunity.
  • You make no investment for fundraising items—made possible by general or designated fund availability, as described below.
  • You receive three free CDs/DVDs per student, to be sold in your community for $15 each.
  • 100% of the proceeds stay with your school.

Project History

This fundraising project, launched during spring semester of 2015, brought amazing results:

  • Over $400,000 was raised for Adventist education within the first three months.
  • Over 200 individual schools participated.
  • Four NAD Conferences participated.


“The joy and delight that resulted from the unexpected, generous donation of hundreds of 3ABN’s Hallelujah, We’re Home At Last! CDs and DVDs revived the spirits of educators and school boards alike. We were grateful to benefit from 3ABN’s generous offer of financial support for Illinois Adventist Education. The 100% proceeds from the sale of these music items provided a boost in tuition subsidy as well as funds to secure needed instructional resources.”

— Ruth Horton, EdD., Associate Director of Education, Lake Union Conference (former Superintendent of Education, Illinois Conference)

“This multiplied the value of our school’s fundraising efforts. In the past, we had raised only $250 selling candy bars. However, by selling 100 items received from 3ABN, we raised $1,500 which we used to finance our annual trip to a high-school music festival. We look forward to using It’s a Beautiful World for our fundraising this year.”

—Evelyn Hainey, Principal, Thompsonville Christian Academy

Provided Funding

  • General Account Donations
    All donations which are not designated for a specific registered school are deposited into the General Account for this project. Any school receiving items donated under the General Account has 90 days to conduct their fundraising. At the end of 90 days, they agree to return unsold items to 3ABN, to ensure availability of featured items for other schools and their fundraising campaigns.
  • Designated Fund Donations
    3ABN accepts donations designated for specific schools, from an individual or multiple sponsors. There is no change in the school’s participation process, except for the benefit of owning the items outright and having no time constraints on their fundraising campaign.

Participation Process

School administrators may call during regular business hours to register for this unique fundraiser:

  • Phone (618) 627-4651, and press “2” for the Call Center. A representative will take your application over the phone.
  • Choose from a recently expanded resource list of music items, which may be an assorted selection.
  • A Terms of Agreement—which identifies quantity/selection for shipment—will be prepared and sent to you. Your school principal must sign and return the Terms of Agreement.
  • Once 3ABN receives the signed agreement, your free fundraising items will be shipped to your school. Shipping is free within the United States and U.S. territories.
  • Your school keeps 100% of the proceeds from items sold to apply toward your determined fundraising goal.
  • Your students become actively involved in ministry as they share this inspirational music within your community. Those who purchase these music items will receive an enduring blessing.

Promotional Resources & Terms of Agreement

Promotional materials are available upon request, or in PDF format below. Terms of Agreements are also available below. Click each item to open and download.

Promotional Materials

  • Goal Poster
  • Customer Flyer
  • Donor Flyer
  • Letter to Parents

Terms of Agreement

  • General Account
  • Designated Funds